Glulam logs

Glulam log is a specific product used in the manufacture of log houses. The produced dimensions range from 88x180 to 238x242 mm. Maximum length of glulam log is 18 meters.

Product description:

Lumber species: Nordic Spruce (picea abies)
Finger jointing: In accordance with EN 14080
Lumber moisture: 8-15%
Lamella thickness: According customers requirements
Gluing: In accordance with EN 14080
Glue: MUF glue, light, non-darkening, EN 301 Type 1, waterproof
Surface quality: Planed, profiled, visual quality
Lengths: Up to 18,0 m
Packaging: Pack covered with plastic from 6 sides
glulam logs

Standard cross-sections

Height (mm) Witht (mm)
88 114 134 165 180 202 238
192 x x x x x x
242 x