Gluelam can broaden the use of wood and with new production line, we have extended a geographical circle we can deliver.  Whether its in Sweden or Spain, we can send gluelam products all over Europe, as long as dimension fit classical curtain trailer parameters. When needed we are able to arrange temporary storage and on-site delivery using either mobile fork-lift or truck with crane.

Transit time is moreless the same as for the timber in the garden or somewhat longer depending from the project. About 1–3 working days to Scandinavia, 4–6 working days to Central Europe and 6–8 working days for longer distances in Europe. On-site delivery can require extra time. Smaller orders can be combined with regular trucks for timber in the garden. But we have also dedicated untis with trucking as soon as full trailer volume is reached.

Within Estonia, telescope trailers upto 24 meters can be arranged, upon request.