Palmako started producing glulam in 2007. The production site has a surface area of 7,500 m3 and 2/3 of that area is under the production.

In 2015 Palmako bought Hundegger K2i CNC machine, which allows to process the beams according to customer drawings. The machine is able to process all cross-sections of laminated timber produced by Palmako.

One of the largest Palmako’s investments in past years will be the installation of a new glued laminated timber production line and extending the production hall. Palmako invested 7,5 million euros in this project, and 2 million euros will be supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

The solution line makes the production line logistically complete, the whole production process becomes faster and more flexible and allows us to produce glulam in new, larger dimensions. The whole process is optimized and controlled by special computer software, which minimizes the losses caused by storage and internal logistics.

New technology for glulam production began in 2018 early June and in the first stage when 17 hauls of various equipment reached Kavastu. The first wrapped and packed beams will came off the new line in October 2018.

Mahines used in new line are Rex planing machines, Grecon finger jointer, Kallesoe high frequency press and Minda’s modern commissioning area.